Being in supportive relationship

There is nothing more fulfilling than being in a supportive relationship that is nurturing yet gives you space for growth.The main aspect of being in a happy and fulfilling relationship is the knowledge that someone is right beside you in good times and bad.Being in a supportive relationship means that your partner encourages you to become the best by helping you tap into your hidden potential. However, it is not that whether you do right or wrong, your partner will support you. This only means that your partner will help you stay positive, chide you when you go wrong and will only listen to reasonable wishes. Here are tips to increase support in your relationship:
It is not always about ‘me’. Think how your partner is viewing the situation. Put yourself in their shoes and then take a decision. It takes two to build a strong relationship.
Care and show your love:
Show that you care. Say “I love you”. Even if you mean it but never say it, it is time that you do. It reinforces a feeling of oneness and enhances your intimacy. In addition, it is best to let them know rather than let them assume.
Don’t criticize:
Supportive couples never criticize and pull each other down. They point out the mistakes and then move on. Constant nagging brings in negativity in a relationship. Couples in supportive relationships stay together in adversities and in bad times. These relationships override money issues and bad decisions. However, they stay and help each other. It may seem utopia in today’s times but there are innumerable marriages and relationships that last through the rough times.

Wishing you a happy relationship. And if don’t have one… Join today and begin the search for your partner.