Am I Compatible With My Partner

Am I Compatible With My Partner

A lot of people think that compatibility in your matrimonial Shadi life is something that is fixed, formulaic, and written on stones. They believe that the same interests, similar hobbies, and activities determine your compatibility level. has helped many people to find their answers and today we will elaborate on this discussion.

The Essence of a Successful Relationship

There is something in common in every successful relationship and that is the essence of compatibility. However, this shouldn’t be from one side. Both parties need to work hard on certain capabilities that can enhance the compatibility of their relationship leading them to grow together as a team.

How Compatibility Feels Like

A lot of people give dating advice without diving into compatibility. These bits of pointers usually consist of what to say, how to speak, when to act or what to wear, etc. It’s important to remember that the foundation of compatibility starts when you find joy and ease in each other’s company always.

You know when you feel genuinely happy, emotionally protected, and understand each other’s opinions. You also have a realization concerning the alignment of your moral values even though you are not mirrored images of each other. Compatible couples always work to nurture their relationships. This leads to the strengthening of the emotional connection.

Can Compatibility Be Long-Term

A lot of couples or partners go on their separate ways because they find themselves non-compatible after some years. This happens when people refuse to grow up because over time, things changes including your thoughts, ideas, values and etc. It’s important to check with ourselves and as well partners every after few years and discuss what matters to you and them. It’s also beneficial to adapt together with time to align core values.

Crucial to Trust

Compatibility is always crucial to trust. It also means that you might disagree with your partner but still, he/she will have your back. Having a firm belief in this can give you psychological ease with your counterpart. Such couples can also go through any kind of adversaries without giving up on each other.

Resolving Incompatibilities in a Relationship

Every human being is designed differently in terms of thoughts, values and etc. Many times you might disagree with your spouse. However, resolving incompatibilities is the core of every successful relationship. To have a happy relationship, we need to cooperate or compromise on some level.


Compatibility doesn’t mean losing your identity or yourself in one another. Being compatible means that you retain your individuality even though you are willing to compromise. It also means that two people who are in love, meet each other halfway.

When this happens it means your better half sees yourself the way you are i.e an authentic human being,  an individual with a strong perspective &an independent mind. Remember, your love is like software and it upgrades with time and this is an important factor in your matrimonial Shadi life. Indian matrimony