5 Stages of Love


Every successful long-term relationship or marriage already went through 5 stages of love. However, in our culture, we don’t define or focus on the stages of relationships. Many people are caught up in fairy tales. However, the reality is that every relationship faces adversaries and goes through ups and down. It’s better not to give up on those times because these problems when solved together as a couple, strengthen the emotional bond between two love birds.Shaadi

Here is an in-depth explanation of the five different stages of love, also some tips on how to navigate between the stages so that you can level up your relationship game.

Stage 1 (Infautiaon & Falling in Love)

Infatuation is different than falling in love. It’s a crush and likeness. Many times it can be for a limited time span but when it stays for a longer time period, it makes you fall in love. It is also known as the honeymoon phase as you and your partner spend time getting to know one another, physically and emotionally and every flaw in another person is ignored by your brain. This stage of love occupies all your thoughts, making you unable to focus on other things in your life. This is the most exciting phase as it is ruled by your hormones including dopamine.

Stage 2 (Becoming a Couple)

When the honeymoon phase is over and if couples want to stay together because of their compatibility, then phase 2 starts. This stage is also called settling down because you accept each other’s flaws and want to spend the rest of your life together. The infatuation has worn off and you have a genuine love for one another. Many times in this stage, couples move in together, get more emotionally attached, and become more vulnerable with the passage of time. You are also less caught up in spending every second together, trusting that you can spend time apart and come back home to each other.

Stage 3 (Disillusionment & Awakening)

In this stage, couples start seeing the reality of the world as they are exposed to more responsibilities e.g doing the job, paying bills, taking care of the family and etc. People get busy in their roles. There are fights, arguments, and disagreements but even then the strong soulmates find solutions to every problem and stick with each other. In this stage, the masks come off and you can see every positive and negative aspect of your better half. It’s important to have realistic expectations in marriage or relationships.

Stage 4 ( Realistic Love )

Stage 4 starts when you as a couple feel stable and secure with each other. You become a team and tackle every problem without giving up on each other. In this stage, your love has moved beyond passionate love and now is based on acceptance and compassion. In stage 4 your relationship becomes a comfort zone for you and your family. Many people get bored with the passage of time but it’s important to create a spark in your relationship. You go on dates, communicate and find fun activities as a couple and never get tired of each other.

Stage 5 (Wholehearted Love)

This is the last stage and happens when the couples in the relationship are at their healthiest & happiest. Couples experience true validation, self-esteem, individuation, self-discovery, and getting comfortable with the imperfection in their spouse. Here soulmates do not look for perfection in other people despite being committed. They discuss every aspect of life including their personalities without feeling attacked. In this stage, partners enjoy each other and find peace and joy.

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