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How To Manage Anxiety During Your First Date

Anyone who joins our Shadi matrimonial site is looking for their lifelong partner, and as a result, they will be feeling understandably anxious about

7 things which men should do on a first date

The top 7 Things NOT to do on your first date with a guy 1. Do not text/interact on social media with him too

How to Break the Ice on Your First Meeting

Whether you are noticing someone for the first time or you met a nice guy or girl on shadi matchmaking,

The Secret to a Long and Happy Relationship

When it comes to settling down with a partner, chances are you want your relationship to be two things: long and happy. But if

Why Good Relationships Turn Bad

There can possibly be times when a successful relationship comes to an end without a possible explanation.

How to Know If He Loves Me

He may not have verbalized his feelings for you yet, but if you are looking for signs on how to know if he loves

Looking for Companion in Midlife

Irrespective of whether you are divorced and seeking another companion or looking for companion in midlife, it is important to set your priorities correctly.

How to Find Your Soulmate

Relationship experts say that there are many ways on how to find your soulmate. However, the best ways is by using the some key

Why Stay Lonely and Alone in Life

When you have a chance at fining love and companionship, why stay lonely and alone in life? Unless you have your own reasons and