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How to Know If He Loves Me

He may not have verbalized his feelings for you yet, but if you are looking for signs on how to know if he loves

Looking for Companion in Midlife

Irrespective of whether you are divorced and seeking another companion or looking for companion in midlife, it is important to set your priorities correctly.

How to Find Your Soulmate

Relationship experts say that there are many ways on how to find your soulmate. However, the best ways is by using the some key

Why Stay Lonely and Alone in Life

When you have a chance at fining love and companionship, why stay lonely and alone in life? Unless you have your own reasons and

How to Deal With Your In-Laws

You can pick the person you marry, but you don’t have a choice of selecting the extended family, siblings and most importantly, in-laws.

How To Improve Response From Your Matches

You might have registered on the matrimonial website or a dating service

Time for a Reality Check

Time for a Reality CheckĀ  Have you been unsuccessful in long-term relationships? Have you ever wondered why it has always happened with you? Maybe

Relationship and Sense of Humor

Relationship and sense of humor go hand in hand as laughter lightens the situation and relieves stress and tensions.

Top free communication tools for online romance

Romance helpers. We all know the expense of carrying on long distance relations. shadi team has created a list of good apps to allow