Why men and women leave

Why men and women leave
The statistics show that divorce is on the rise. Thus, why do men and women leave the boundaries of marriage? And when it is about live in relationships, the results are the same. If you think about it, nobody wants to leave a secure relationship unless there are cracks in it. Here are some reasons that men and women leave:
If you feel no longer needed in a relationship, or feel unwanted, it might lead to isolation. There is no point continuing the relationship.
If one of the partners is constantly criticizing and humiliates the other one, differences are bound to arise. This may lead to emotional isolation and lack of physical intimacy, leading to a divorce or end of relationship.
Always wrong:
If one of the partners is always blamed for everything, there will be only a limit till she or he can endure it. Constant criticism and blame game doesn’t go on forever. The partner in the wrong leaves.
Lack of trust:
Trust and honesty in a relationship is important. Infidelity and extra-marital affairs can end a perfectly happy relationship leading to one of the partner’s leaving.
Lack of support and connection
If you are always isolated, never apart of the decision making and criticized, would you like to stay in such a relationship? If one of the partner’s is not supported and the relationship lacks strong communication, there is bound to be misunderstanding. This can be a reason for a break.