Why Marriages Fail?

Why Marriages Fail

With the rising divorce rate, it has become difficult to fathom the real reason why marriages fail. However, as per the experts, there might not be just one standard reason but a multitude of reasons that lead to a marriage to fail. Here are some of the top reasons that lead to separation and divorce:
When the marriage gets boring and predictive, the husband or wife might start looking for a change of life path. And that is why extramarital affairs start or one of the spouses walks out of the marriage.
Different interests
The early years in a marriage are easy as most couples try to put their individual interests’ aside and work together for common goals. However, they get fatigued trying to do something that they do not enjoy and get back to doing their own things. For some that is a sign that have grown apart and a failed marriage are on the anvil.
Lack of Physical Attraction
With time, physical appearance changes and when the change isn’t accepted, it causes physical incompatibility and loss of attraction. This is one of the reasons that may people opt for ending a marriage.
Changing Values
Oftentimes, one of the spouses changes over time, and so does their values. The other partner may have considered that as the foundation of their marriage. Thus, changing views and values can be a damper in many relationships.
Lack of focus on relationship
With careers, kids and hobbies apart from other interests, marriage takes a backseat. That leads to acrimony and chips away at a marriage. If you focus on the rest and not give enough time and attention to your spouse, your relationship suffers. And that is a major reason why marriages fail.
Full attention on kids
When the kids are small, it can take all your time and attention. However, it isn’t a good sign if you focus only on the kids and not your spouse. Paying equal attention to children and marriage is important.