San Francisco

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Life in San Francisco

San Francisco is the hub of tech-savvy and innovative individuals with a cheerful atmosphere buzzing with life. But don’t fret! It’s not limited to the technologically adept. A multitude of small-scale start-ups dots the economic framework. Foggy and chilly weather with a short sunny summer dominates the city. There are various neighborhoods, both pricey and affordable. So, choose your pick depending on your preferences.

San Francisco has a large collection of exciting, adventurous places to visit, most popular being The Golden Gate Bridge and, of course, Alcatraz Island. Let’s not forget Chinatown, fun rides in The San Francisco Cable System, and all the leisure time you can spend at Union Square and Golden Gate Park. Above all, if you’re a baseball fan, San Francisco Giants are the city’s personal team that plays in the big leagues. If you’re a foodie, the city’s specials include abalone, Dungeness crab, sanddab, and bay shrimp. Most importantly, Joe’s Special is a San Francisco Matrimony original available in most restaurants in the city.

Cafes and Coffee Shops for the First Date

Universal Café

Roses Cafe

Caffe Trieste

Hollywood Cafe

Restaurants for Lunch or Dinner Dates

Seven Hills

Mersea Restaurant and Bar


Jewelry Stores for Rings and Presents

Nick Engel & Co.

La Bijouterie

Edmund R. Weber Jewelers