Problems Every Couple Faces In Their First Year

headerProblems Every Couple Faces In Their First YearMarriage is a beautiful bond that unites two people. This relationship needs effort and commitment from both sides. The first few months in most relationships can be challenging as there are various problems every couple faces in their first year. Adapting to a new place, accepting the flaws of your soulmate in the beginning, and incorporating their beliefs and culture into your life can be overwhelming but that doesn’t mean that one has to give up.

What problems every couple faces in their first year?

If you are one of those couples facing problems in the first few months of marriage, it’s alright. Going through problems in the first year is normal and expected. Creating a new world with your spouse can be challenging. The only thing that matters is the commitment. Couples who remain steadfast and try to resolve every conflict are in a happier relationship.

Here are the problems that you might face in your first year of marriage


Often women face more difficulty and experience identity crises at the beginning of the relationship. Taking care of your home, your children, your spouse and working on your career can be daunting. Striking balance between all can be challenging. However, as the years go by, one learns how to create balance with the help of a supporting spouse.

Change in Freedom

It’s true that before marriage we experience more freedom and less responsibility. However, after marriage, we may lose some part of our freedom as responsibility increases. People need to be responsible socially and financially once they are in a relationship.  Running a whole household with your spouse and doing chores is not easy as it takes strength, commitment, and determination. You might not get as much time for your social activities as you had before.


There will be conflicts when you live and share your space with someone. Every individual is different. They have different opinions, moral values, and thinking processes. Every person also has flaws. If you truly love someone, you won’t force them to change completely for you. Experiencing conflicts at the beginning of a relationship is normal. The best way to deal with it is not to sweep it under the rug but to solve it and find a resolution. Shaadi India

Overthinking about future

At the beginning of marriage, there is always a feeling of uncertainty. Many people even doubt if the relationship will be long-term. Sometimes people are afraid to discuss their past with their spouse. There is no way to avoid all this fear except for open and healthy communication. Once you enter a relationship, you and your partner become a team. His happiness is yours and your pain and sadness are his. Whatever problem you two face, there is always a way to find the solution.


Compatibility is undoubtedly a crucial aspect of a successful relationship, it’s unrealistic to expect a perfect 100 percent match. Marriage requires continuous effort and work. The key lies not in finding someone flawlessly compatible but in the willingness of couples to meet halfway. This relationship thrives through compromise, understanding, and shared effort from both sides. Finding common ground in marriage leads to a healthy and happy matrimonial life.

Bottom Line

Do not be afraid of the problems you might face at the beginning of the relationship. If people can overcome adversaries then so can you. The foundation of a happy marriage lies in the healthy communication and cooperation from both the sides. To read more about marriages and how to make it successful, visit UK.