Marriage proposal

Marriage proposal is memorable and always bring a smile on your face even when you remember it after years. However, before you propose, ensure that you have discussed it with her about marriage and the possibility of both of you getting married. Even if you don’t intend to get married immediately, getting engaged is a big step and needs careful consideration.Ensure that both of you have talked about all the major issues including marriage, children and your goals in life as individuals and as a couple. This is essential for a healthy and successful married life. Before you propose, talk to her parents about it. If you have known her for quite some time and the parents approve of you, get a beautiful engagement ring like she always wanted. If you don’t know her choice about engagement rings, maybe ask her subtly about it when you are talking casually or take her family into confidence before buying it.Set the right ambiance to pop the question. Maybe a candlelight dinner, a romantic holiday or even a surprise marriage proposal on a date night! Make her fall in love with you completely, so be chivalrous. Get down one knee, and say your heart out because even if she doesn’t say ‘Yes’ immediately, she’ll love you for it. Chances are that she might be taken aback by your proposal and may need some time to decide or she might fall into your arms with a big ‘Yes’. Marriage proposals need to be planned in advance and it is best to be sure that she is the one for you before you actually slip on that diamond ring on her finger.