Keys to successful relationship

Keys to successful relationship depend upon a variety of factors but a loving relationship is the reason for your happiness. Thus, it is imperative to put in your best efforts to make your marriage or relationship a success.  Some of the key aspects are:

1- Strong communication: It is essential to have honest communication because as a couple your views might vary on a host of topics but you can have a healthy discussion about money, sex, children, friends and family with ease and respect each other’s point of view. Additionally, you need to be aware of each other’s passions, views and strengths to move ahead as a couple. Let friendship be the cornerstone of your relationship.

2- Intimacy: It is not just about physical intimacy but emotional intimacy too. As a couple you need to foster intimacy by unconditional acceptance, trust and honesty which translate into better physical bonding.

3- Clear expectations: It is always good to discuss and clarify your expectations with each other instead of sulking and building negativity in your relationship. Thus, having a strong communication is essential so you can share freely and be honest about your expectations with each other.

4-Empathy and care: Apart from caring for your well-being, you need to be concerned about your partner’s well-being too and look for opportunities to make their life happier and better. Don’t always be obstinate or assume that you are right. Look at things from your partner’s point of view and be understanding about their needs.

5-Respect: Maintaining your self-respect and giving respect to your partner or spouse earns you the respect too. Even when you have a disagreement, respect the other person’s point of view and listen without judging. Unconditional love and acceptance in your relationship can go a long way to ensure respect and care.