Intimate Cozy Home Wedding

How to Plan an Intimate Cozy Home Wedding – The New Norm

A cozy home wedding is a necessity these days, but it can still be a wonderful event . Despite the worldwide pandemic, a cozy home wedding is always a shining light in a dark world. The new trend is small at-home weddings; it is the new norm or the new tradition. The best small wedding venue options are at home , in your backyard or any open space in the home premises. Some inexpensive home decor can really elevate a cozy wedding. Family members get the chance to create these cherished moments. You don’t have to wait for the pandemic to be over. Plan a beautiful at home wedding and create the most cherishing memories of all time for the rest of your matrimonial Site

How to conduct an at-home wedding?

Suppose you have decided to plan your own or your closed one’s marriage at home. These are the tips which you can follow to make an enjoyable wedding experience at home.

  •  Invite only close family members and few friends
  •  Hold the marriage at home or outdoors
  •  Make your own wedding invitations
  •  Keep the decoration and flowers use minimal
  •  Do the catering yourself or use delivery options
  •  Focus on the main marriage ceremony only

At home weddings are affordable:

At home weddings are affordable as the entire world faces economic uncertainty. Less money is spent on the venue, decorations and catering for the guests. Because of the restriction and safety concerns, you only invite fewer guests. Intimate marriage ceremonies are affordable and keep your family and close friends safe.

Small guest list:

When you have decided to celebrate the wedding at home, it would be wise to make a smaller guest list. Invite people who live in the same city as because of lockdown and transportation issues.

Provide face mask and sanitizers:

Your small guest list would make it easier to buy and provide face masks as well as sanitizer stations. It would be nice if people who are feeling any symptoms do not attend the wedding. We are responsible for others as well as ourselves!

Maximize social distancing:

The seating area for the guests should be set according to the CDC guidelines or state regulations. Guests should follow social distancing and remain at least 6 feet apart and do not share objects. Friends and close family should be invited from the same local area.

Consider the open-air event:

In closed settings, it is always likely that people get the contamination if there is one patient among the crowd. But if your guests are asked to sit in an open-air area, the risk would be minimized to almost zero with proper social distancing.

Virtual wedding ceremonies:

Just like the virtual convocations, people have started virtual wedding ceremonies held online also. Someone at the house or open-air area from the marriage ceremony starts streaming on YouTube, and all the relatives and friends are asked to join the channel and enjoy the live streaming. This gives them the feeling of participation at the ceremony. Zoom is another tool which is being used in virtual wedding ceremonies to witness the couples tie the knot and feel the love in the air and become a part of the special day.

Role of matrimonial sites:

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