Insecure and Anxious personality

If one has insecure and anxious personality. Being with someone who is confident with a positive attitude towards life helps.Most people with anxiety issues need constant reassurance from their partners. They are nice people but emotional issues crop up due to insecurities that stems from childhood or teenage years. If your date or partner has anxiety issues, being with an understanding partner can help them regain the self-confidence that they lack. Chances are that the person you tool on the date is interesting and articulate; someone that you can envision your future with despite the lack of immediate excitement. But if she/he has insecurities and anxiety, you’ll need to fill in the gaps to enjoy a life together.
The issues that you may face with an insecure and anxious personality are that they have an emotional gap that makes them clingy, even jealous at times. They cling to their partners for enhancing their sense of security. But these signs can often drive you to seek your own space. As soon as they are unsure about their partner’s feelings or perceive a threat, they become over demanding, possessive and needy, which can lead to friction over time. Additionally, they interpret independent decisions taken by their partners as assertion of their fears that he/she doesn’t care about their feelings anymore.
If you are in a relationship or planning to be with a person with insecure and anxious personality or emotional issues, reinforcement of your love and affection is constantly required. Building their confidence will be the next step. Talking with a therapist might help if the insecurities and anxiety issues are overwhelming.