Your ideal bride wish list, does it work?

An ideal bride wish list? You may have always had a perfect girl of your dreams but when you try looking for a bride like that, you are always disappointed.  The fact remains that you are limiting yourself to an idealistic image and your chances of finding love gets narrower with each passing day. Don’t have a fixed list of qualities you are looking for or the perfect face. Keep your heart open to new possibilities, have realistic expectations and go with your instincts.Sometimes, you will be surprised that the most unassuming shy person you though couldn’t be on your list turned out to be the most fun loving person as you came to know more about him or her. That is why don’t limit your chances of finding your soul-mate. Oftentimes, we turn out to have the best relationships with people who are unlike us or surprise us as we get to know them. Marriages are lifetime relationships so you need to be very sure that you want to get married to a particular person.So take your chances, know more about people who don’t seem like us. Give love a chance to blossom. Go with your instincts, if you find yourself attracted to someone who doesn’t match your ideal bride wish list, go with the flow. Even if you cannot check off all the boxes in your checklist, it does pay to give a man a chance to find love. So listen to your gut and open your heart. There is someone made for you.