How to Safely Date in 2021

Dating safely during Covid

Can I start dating in the real world in 2021?
In the wake of the pandemic, everyone has shifted to a more isolated form of not only socializing but also dating.  That is to say, interactions are largely occurring from behind the scenes on social media networks or dating websites such as Such a lack of social interactions does not mean that romance is dead and relationships have come to an end. In fact, you can meet up for a date without the looming fear of pandemics by following certain rules that you set for yourself. Here’s a shortlist of tips on how to safely date in 2021:

Are you both vaccinated?
This is the first requirement to restarting physical dating. If you are both not yet vaccinated, social distancing rules are in effect. No closer than 6 feet. Both wearing masks is a good idea in all cases.

Car Dining and Take-Aways
To ensure that both you and your partner are maintaining social distance, you can have all your dinner dates in the car. You could either eat in the car as restaurants have come up with special platters for this specific use. Or you can take your dinner home.

Beach Dates
Don’t worry about the crowds at the beach! You can find peace in the lovely view and the salty beach air by staying in the car, rolling down windows, and playing music. It might sound like you’re stuck in the car, but this is the time you can really connect with your partner. However, if the beach isn’t crowded, you and your partner can easily take a romantic walk on the beach.

Drive-In Cinemas
It might seem like you simply can’t leave the premises of your car, but better safe than sorry! And what’s safer than a romantic movie night tucked away in your car. Don’t own a car? You can easily rent one for a few hours to stay safe and healthy for a long time.

Hand Sanitizers and COVID Vaccination
Of course,  it might seem like you’re betraying COVID guidelines by meeting your partner. But if you constantly use sanitizer and ensure that you and your partner are fully vaccinated, then you’re good to go!

Questions to ask to date safely in 2021:

  • Are you working from home or office?
  • Do you use your own transport or public transport?
  • Do you live alone or with other people?
  • Are you maintaining social distance?
  • Do you regularly choose outdoor venues and well-ventilated places?

So, you can feel safe and also do your duty by simply doing the bare minimum: following SOPs and ensuring that your partner does the same. Happy dating!How to Safely Date in 2021