How To Convey Positive Signals To A Potential Partner

Well, the fact that someone interests you, makes you blush or makes your heart skip a beat is being one step closer to the potential partner. However you maybe clueless or too shy to say it all, so if you are wondering how to convey positive signals to a potential partner, here are some tips:shadi
By making eye contact:
Eye contact means you are being honest, straightforward and open to communications with the other person. And you should be open, frank and be honest right from the start when you think about a long term relationship or marriage. Look into her/his eyes and let a beautiful friendship begin.
Give complements:
Giving compliments makes the relationship start on the positive note and there is nothing wrong in saying good things about someone that interests you. Whether it is the dress, personality or style, giving compliments can put you on the right foot.
A light touch on shoulder:
Be tantalizing but not brazen. Flirt without actually sounding desperate. Show that you are interested and that the chemistry is sparking but take your time. Don’t be pushy or over- interested. Wait for the potential partner to make the next move.
This is the best way to show that seeing him/her is enjoyable. A friendly smile can make a world of difference. You tend to become friendlier and open the communication barriers. Smile often and if on a chat, use emicons.
Show interest by asking questions:
Everyone talks, but few listen. Thus, when you are trying to show interest, ask questions, know more about the person and listen to his/her answers. It is good to know a person before you move on to the next step.shaadi