Getting along with groom’s family after marriage

Getting along with groom's family after marriage
When you get married, you never marry an individual but the complete family because that is where his or her roots lie.The cultural affinities, religion and traditions are all tied with the family he or she is born in. As a new bride, irrespective of whether you share the same religion and culture or come from a complete different one, the fact remains that getting along with the groom’s family after marriage will take some thinking.
If you don’t know the groom’s family well, it is best that in the initial few weeks after your marriage, you need to just observe the other family members. Don’t try to be over-friendly nor be too involved with yourself.  Maintain cordial atmosphere and just go with the flow. If they don’t know you too well either, this is the time to forge a good relationship with your in-laws, unmarried brothers and sisters from your husband’s family. Don’t get married believing that all in-laws are difficult to deal with. With changing scenarios, groom’s families are opening up and accepting the changes so you might be surprised to feel quite the same as you felt in your own home.
Some tips to getting along with the groom’s family after marriage:
  • Try to mingle: This is important to know them and will help them know you as well. Be friendly and open to communication
  • Don’t be judgmental: Just because you find something different or come across something that you didn’t like, consider it a one-off incident. Don’t form an opinion about the person based on that situation. There can be a good reason why it happened. 
  • Try to diffuse stressful situations: As you become a part of the larger family, there may be stressful situations, but don’t lose your cool or side up on one side. Stay balanced and neutral while try to diffuse the situation. They are going to respect you for it.
  • Give respect, to get respect: If you give respect to the elders and be a friend to the younger family members, you’ll be respect and loved in no time.
  • Observe the ways of the new family: Each family is different and so is their routine. Go with the flow and try to become a part of it. This doesn’t mean you lose your individuality but try to fit in for a harmonious marriage and relationship in the long-run.