First Know Thy Self

First Know Thy SelfBefore you read any further, answer the following question.

A lot of people, have complexes about their castes, their lifestyles or even simply of what they wear. These fears come in the way of expressing yourself truthfully. Though these things are important , it has been observed that in many cases people often agree to liking the same thing a the person they like or are attracted to although they may not just dislike it but even hate it, but when it comes to the person they like all dislikes become likes.

It is pretty much the same when finding your match online, a lot of soul searchers particularly the males get the ‘wonderful’ feeling after just seeing a picture of an attractive profile though she might be a career woman and he would be looking for a soccer mom.Ten¬†simple questions to know more of your match’s inner self:
(The key is to answer all these questions with you before proceeding to ask a potential match)

  • What is your role in your family?
  • Are you generally a social person?
  • How religious are you?
  • Do you believe in child adoption?
  • Would you be comfortable with pets?
  • Are you more of a mountain person or a beach person?
  • What is your thought on home made food to otherwise?
  • Are you comfortable on your own?
  • At what level of your career are you on?
  • Would you take sides with a person who is right or with a person you love?

After you have answered all these question on your own, jot your answers down and then forward them to your potential match! Though mind you, there is much more to know but this may just give you a general idea of your own inner self. Good Luck!