Being in relationship makes you strong

Being in relationship makes you strong
It has been proved that a strong supportive relationship and marriage can be a brownie point for good health. Thus, how does being in a relationship make you strong? Here are some tips:
Be appreciative:
Saying ‘Thank you’ for the little things can help appreciation grow. You need to appreciate the good points of your partner and ignore the idiosyncrasies as far as possible, to fully appreciate the individual.
Strong communication:
Share mundane things. Talk about the day and encourage pillow talk. To strengthen a marriage or relationship, it is best to have good communication. Don’t shy away from sharing your thoughts and feelings with ease.
Don’t go to bed angry:
You may have a disagreement or even get into a fight. However, don’t sleep on your anger. It is best to resolve your issues before you sleep after contemplating the issues at hand.
Think before you speak:
Oftentimes, when you are angry you say thing that you regret later. Counting to 10 before you speak can help. It prevents you from saying things that you might not have said otherwise.
Being there for each other:
Being in a relationship ensures that you have physical and emotional support when you need it. You know you have someone to bank on anytime, anywhere.The support, companionship and even friendship among couples can be a positive factor in their good health and longer life span. It is said that loneliness can lead to poor health and shorter life. Join us and find someone special on