How to overcome Jealousy in Relationships

How to overcome Jealousy in Relationships

Jealously is a natural instinct but it rears its ugly head when you are insecure and driven by fear. Whether it is low self-esteem, fear of losing your love or higher need for attention, jealously can be for many reasons, but is affecting your relationship? Well, you need to know how to overcome jealousy in relationships.

It is said that a little jealously is good for a relationship because it makes the couple appreciate each other and adds passion to their relationship. The fear of losing each other can further strengthen the bond. But what if one of the individual’s is over possessive or jealous? It has been seen that extreme jealously can seriously damage the relationship.

Jealousy affects a relationship negatively especially if the threats that are perceived are not real. It is absolutely normal that what your spouse or partner is doing does not call for any jealousy but it can be perceived wrongly. Over time this can become emotionally draining as the most loving partner can start feeling exhausted, hurt and drained become he/she is not being trusted. Here are ways to ensure a healthy relationship devoid of jealousy:

Talk with your partner:
It is important to sit down and discuss what the root cause of the jealousy is. You don’t have to play the blame game but let him/her know how you are suffering.
Stay objective:
Just because your partner or you had a bad experience in the past, it is no reason you will be dumped or left after a while. Most people carry their past fears into a new relationship, jeopardizing it unknowingly. You might perceive someone as a threat which might not even be real. Stay objective of the situation.
Seek a therapist:
Professional help is a must if the relationship is in danger. You or your partner needs to have a therapist resolve the feeling of jealousy before there is a complete breakdown of the relationship.

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