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Arranged Marriage vs Love Marriage

Marriage is an important social institution uniting two people of different backgrounds coming together to raise a family.

How to Find a Match for My Daughter?

Finding a good partner for a healthy relationship and marriage is getting tougher and tougher with each passing day.

Searching For a Life Partner on Matrimonial Site

Searching for a life partner on matrimonial site helps when you are looking outside the circle of family and friends.

Golden Years and a Supporting Life Companion

Life in your golden years years becomes difficult with loneliness creeping through. Having a supportive life companion in your golden years is a dream

Key Aspects of Marriage and Commitment

Marriage and commitment go hand in hand, a cornerstone of your relationship with your spouse. It is the unwavering loyalty and allegiance to your

How to Find the Right Life Partner

For a happy and successful marriage, finding the right life partner for you is important.

Marriage – The Journey of Lifetime

Marriage is the journey of lifetime, where the couple takes the vow to be with each other through illness and good health, with life’s

What To Ask When Relationship Starts To Get Serious?

Are you planning to propose or are you expecting to take the relationship to the next level? Before you do that, think long and

Understanding Your Spouse for Happy Marriage

One of the key factors of having a solid relationship is the understanding about your spouse for happy marriage.