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Inexpensive things to do on your first date

When it comes to first date, there are a myriad of ways to make it interesting and fun. However, expensive restaurants and club hopping

6 Unique date ideas

If you though all dates include sitting at the bar and then having dinner at one of the many restaurants that you have frequented

Journey of life and a loving life partner

Journey of life and a loving life partner can make life wonderful, enjoyable and worth living every minute. Having a steady and loving relationship

Hire a personal matchmaker to help you

Hire a personal matchmaker to help you find someone special a friend’s advise. You’ve, been looking to date someone and it has not worked

Chemistry and Relationships Basics

There is a lot more to chemistry and relationships basics. The common misconception is that compatibility and chemistry between two people is an interchangeable

Things Not To Mention In an Online Matrimonial Profile

Things not to mention in an online matrimonial profile is important to consider when writing an online profile. It has been proven that online

How to start working out

First of all, this is not a 30 day weight loss routine where I promise that you will lose 10 pounds in 5 days.

Ideal Life Partner Wish List, Does It Really Work?

Have you been looking for a perfect life partner? You might have an ideal partner wish list but does it really work? Well, in

How to write online profile and get the best results?

Have you been looking to write an online profile and know how to get best results? When it is about marriage or dating, you