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How To Find Out If Someone Is Interested Online

These days marriage is about finding love and soul-mates online. With more people connecting virtually, online marriage bureau and websites like are the best place to search for your life partner with ease. Not only does it helps you connect and chat to know whether you are compatible but you can meet a host of people with similar interests and professions.
If you are already signed up with an online marriage website, it is best to upload your latest photographs, write a concise, thoughtful profile in excellent English, with details about your choice of partner, something about yourself and your interests. Though you might get quite a few responses, you may not like to respond to all of them but if someone is interested online, some of the signs to look out for are:
  • He or she will respond quickly
  • Look for a chance to chat with you when you are logged in on the website.
  • He or she would be interested in talking with you about their interests, share things about themselves.
  • He or she would be interested to know more about your life and interests.
  • Give compliments and use emoticons, to virtually show emotions while chatting online
  • Be honest and straightforward about their life and profession
As both of you are register on the website to find a perfect match, it is no point playing ‘hard to get’. So if someone shows interest in your profile, respond accordingly. If you find the person’s profile interesting and to your choice, respond quickly. It is better to talk and chat online for a while to see if you like the person’s personality, attitude and other aspects before taking it to the next level.
Sarah Shah


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Great tips for creating your Online Profile

Although it might seem simple to write a short description and post your photograph when creating your matrimonial profile, the task can be daunting when you actually start doing it.

The main factor that you need to consider is that first impressions count. And as your online profile is a virtual representation of you, make sure you have a great profile. Thus, consider some of these great tips for creating your online matrimonial profile:

#1- Pick a good profile photograph:
Your profile picture is the first thing that is considered, so ensure that you post a recent photograph. Posting photographs of when you were younger and thinner wouldn’t work because when the potential partner meets you, it wouldn’t be an honest revelation. Additionally, don’t hide your face behind sunglasses or a small image of you walking on the beach. Group photographs are big no-no. Your face should be clearly visible. couple2
#2- Be honest and clear in profile description:
Don’t put unnecessary requirements of being extremely choosy in your requirements like “looking for fair, good looking bride who will obey me and looks after my family.” Be practical because after all you are looking for your soul-mate, someone who will be with you through life’s ups and downs. Your short description should clearly state your self-evaluated positive and negative aspects, your aspirations and the qualities you are looking for in your husband or wife.
#3- Write profile description in excellent English:
One of the common mistakes that people make is writing a grammatically poor profile summary. Ensure that you double check the spellings or write in a document and run spell check before posting it online.
#4- Don’t be vague:
Write clearly and to the point. Don’t say “I enjoy life” but write what you do that makes your life enjoyable. You may love travelling or collecting stamps or maybe have another hobby or interest. Put it all down as maybe your potential partner may share some of the interests or be drawn to your profile because of a well-written and accentuated profile. couple3
Sarah Shah


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Things To Consider If He Or She Is Right Match For You

As the saying goes, marriages are made in heaven and even though you may have connected online on a matrimonial website such as, before you commit, you want to be sure that he or she is the right match for you. The key considerations include:
  • Happiness quotient:

    Do you feel happy when he or she is around? Although everyone is responsible for their happiness, if being with someone you love or consider as potential partner brings both of you greater happiness and security, you may have found your soul-mate.

  • Complements your values:

    Everyone has weaknesses and if your potential partner has qualities that you lack, while accepting you as you are, it is a positive sign. It is essential for both of you to be comfortable with each other. Additionally, if he or she has the same value system and thinking, he or she might be the right match for you.

  • Shows respect and is an inspiration:

    Life is not a bed of roses and it is comforting to know that your potential partner will be there with you to cheer you up when you are down. Does he or she give you due respect? Is she or he an inspiration to you to become a better person? Will he or she stick with you through thick and thin? If you answer ‘Yes’ to all of these questions, you are lucky because you have found your perfect match!

Though you may not see eye to eye on everything yet being there for each other, giving support during stressful situations can be a sign of the finding the right match. If you have been interacting with each other online or even meeting oftentimes, you would be able to judge the attitude, personality of your potential match and consider these key points before saying yes.
Sarah Shah
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Big Instant Turnoffs for Men

Big Instant Turnoffs for Men
Dating is fun when you are appreciated but in case, you don’t hear from the guys you date after few dates, maybe there is scope for introspection and see where you are going wrong. If you are unable to get an answer, know more about some big instant turnoffs for men:
#1- Your attitude:
Are you shy with no-confidence? Do you come across as needy, clingy and desperate? Maybe you need to change your attitude and portray yourself differently. Don’t act too hard to get or he might just lose interest in you. And if you do have low self-confidence, harbor jealousy, or talk about your previous relationships, you are doing everything to make men get turned off.
#2- Personal hygiene:
Do you skip a shower or slack of personal hygiene routines? If you have body smells, bad breath, dull hair and bad teeth, you have nearly turned off men with reasons related to poor personal hygiene. Men prefer women that are smart, well-groomed and fit. In case, you are over-weight, it is good to lose weight, exercise not just to get into committed relationships but for your better health.
#3- Money issues:
Another factor that turns-off men is when women expect them to pay for dates and other expenses all the time. Considering that both men and women earn, if you expect your man to pay all the time and never spend a dime, chances are high that he will start avoiding you. Strike a balance and talk about money when you are in a relationship.
#4- Talk about commitment
If you have just met a guy and only after a few dates, start taking about love, marriage and kids, that maybe the last time you meet him. Most men are commitment phobic and if you talk about of these things too soon in a relationship, it is a big turnoff, apart from sounding desperate.
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