Secrets of a Successful Marriage


When you think about marriage, you need to be sure that you understand the sanctity of the relationship. It is not about marrying a person but you will be accepting his or her culture, traditions and acceptance of a different religion at times. One of the reasons for the high rate of divorce is loss of identification as a couple due to variety of reasons.But think positive and don’t be afraid to love. Continue reading

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Bollywood Celebrity Marriages Who Believe in True Love

Bollywood-Celebrity-Marriages-Who-Believe-in-True-Love Bollywood is synonymous with scandals, drama, divorce and unforsaken love stories. However, even then there are Bollywood celebrity marriages that have tested time and have entered the golden phases. Here are some real life celebrity marriages which would re-instate your belief in Yash Johar- style love stories, where love is forever. Continue reading

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Second Marriage After Divorce


Though it is difficult to ever recover from the scars of a divorce, you need to put your life together and move on.You may feel depressed while at other times completely numb but as time passes life will get back to a normal pattern. However, even though you look physically well, you have emotional scars due to a failed marriage.

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Why is it hard to meet the right life partner?


Why-is-it-hard-to-meet-the-right-life-partnerSearch for your life partner for relationship or marriage will became easy by following simple rules. Stay patient and keep looking till you find the girl or man of your choice.He or she may not be the most beautiful or accomplished person on earth, but you will know that she or he is the one for you. When you are on the lookout to meet your Mr. Right or Ms. Right, you know, you’ll need to meet many people before your search ends.

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